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Over 1,000,000 Happy Customers and counting.

We ship ANYWHERE in the world!  




Greetings fans and loyal customers!!

ATTENTION! THE COST OF INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING FEES FOR 1 GOLIATH, EXTREME OR BACKPACKER™ COMBO JUST WENT UP TO $23.00 AS PER THE USPS. THIS PRICE COVERS TWO GOLIATH OR EXTREME COMBOS SO BUY TWO OR HAVE A FRIEND SPLIT THE COST WITH YOU. BACKPACKER™ COMBOS ARE NOT COVERED UNDER THE 2 COMBO POP PRICE SO WE WILL REQUEST ADDITIONAL PAYMENT IF YOU BUY 2 OF THOSE. UNFORTUNATELY THE OLD $20.00 "ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD" FEE IS NO LONGER VALID, AS PRICES HAVE BEEN RAISED. IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS ORDERING FROM OUR WEBSITE OR ANY QUESTIONS THAT ARE NOT ON OUR WEBSITE, OR WARRANTY PAGE, JUST EMAIL US HERE. IF YOU ASK US QUESTIONS THAT ARE COVERED ON OUR WEBSITE OR WARRANTY PAGE IT MEANS YOU DID NOT BOTHER TO TAKE THE TIME OUT TO READ THE WARRANTY OR DIRECTIONS AS REQUESTED WHEN YOU ARRIVED AT OUR SITE & YOU AUTOMATICALLY BECOME A CANDIDATE FOR A REFUND. WE ACTUALLY WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL WITH OUR PRODUCTS. THE SELF PROCLAIMED "PRO ANGLERS & FISHERMEN" ARE THE FIRST TO DAMAGE THEIR GEAR & THEN TRY TO BLAME THE POOR PEN FISHING ROD FOR NOT KNOWING HOW TO FISH, INSTEAD OF TAKING RESPONSIBILITY. DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR, READ & FOLLOW OUR DIRECTIONS ON THE WARRANTY PAGE SO THAT YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL AS WELL. ALL THE VIDEOS YOU SEE ON YOUTUBE ARE CUSTOMERS & SPONSORS WHO FOLLOWED THE DIRECTIONS! sales(at) you have to do the correct @ sign yourself. =) VERY IMPORTANT. We are located in New York City. Certain Countries like Singapore, India, Japan, Africa, Korea and others MUST pay COST + INSURANCE + SHIPPING FEES, as these Countries are UNSAFE to send packages & do business with. Your customs and government cannot be trusted. When you confirm that you received your package then we will return your cost fee. Cost = cost of the Pen Rod Combo. People try to run a game on us from these Countries all the time. This policy is non negotiable. We're so happy to see how much everyone loves our wonderful products featuring our world famous Pen Rod Extreme™, Pen Rod Goliath™ AND our brand NEW Pen Rod FD150 & XLW Baitcaster Backpacker™ Combos. If you are interested in a pen fishing rod combo, read the warranty page first. Unfortunately we get hundreds of orders since our pen fishing rods and reels are the best in the world, so there can be up to 7 business days wait to ship on ALL orders YAY!!!. We take orders all week, send tracking numbers on the weekend, ship on Mondays. If you order after 5:00pm Saturday. your package goes out the following Monday. By purchasing from us it means that you have read the entire warranty and agree to ALL of our terms. Once you order your pen fishing rods, will send you an invoice stating that you paid. If sent you an invoice, regardless of you receiving an error or you're not sure the order went through etc, you paid!! If you did not get an invoice from - you did not pay. We get a copy as well so we know whether or not you paid. Once we ship your pen fishing rod we will send you a tracking number. If we did not send you a tracking number for your pen fishing rod we did not ship it yet. Anything you could possibly want to know about us, our products, policies, shipping, tracking numbers etc is on this website, you just have to read. I refund money at the drop of a hat or any sign that a customer is too lazy to read about the product he/she just invested their hard earned money on. So I will do you a huge favor & protect your money/investment for you by refunding & safely returning it to you without even asking. There's over 1000 videos on made by happy customers from all over the globe. If you want to be happy, read the warranty. We have some pen rod customers who had their pen rods for years. They are so nuts about them that they actually wipe them down with a damp paper towel to take off the dust & sand that accumulates from usage & the filthy air we breathe just so they open & close correctly & smoothly for LIFE!! =) THAT'S dedication & care...

   18 lbs                 21 lbs                 23 lbs

                                          click pics for video



Watch Pro Staffer Pauly P. Battle ANOTHER  MONSTER Sized 21 lb. Fish on the FD100 AA Goliath Combo!

and ANOTHER!!!


New pen fly fishing!


New Holographic Lures!!

An "Unofficial" potential 34 lb. World Record Fish was taken on February 21st 2013 in India using our FD100 AA Goliath combo. Click the picture below to see a larger photo & read the exciting story. We have raised the bar yet again! Let's see the copycat pen fishing rod companies claim this fish was caught on their rods too. Hahahahahaha!!! :)


 21 lb. FISH For



~> <~

New Product Floating Pliers   

Made from 100% recycled materials

 We are the 'Original' Mini pen fishing rod and Reel Manufacturers and 'Leading' Distributors in the World!


Other companies are "claiming" they sell the pen rod Extreme & pen rod Goliath versions, they do NOT!! We do not allow third party companies to sell our products & you will NEVER see them on

pen rod Extreme & pen rod Goliath are products of pen fishing rods  LLC

Their rods are inferior, shorter knock offs, ( look for the length in their description ) their front drag reels have black plastic handles & drag dials which signify inferior drag systems. If they were good, we would be selling them. Make sure you check the length of their rods & quality of their reels before you buy something that will go in the garbage 2 days later. What you are seeing are cheap imitations!! The Extreme & Goliath are available EXCLUSIVELY here at

Here's what we offer:

The BEST pen Fishing Rod & Reel quality on the planet.
Due to the popularity & success of our products World Wide, Shipping & Handling to ANYWHERE outside the USA is just a ONE TIME fee of $20.00 USD (per order) for 1 or 2 combos so take advantage & buy multiple combos. (THIS POP PRICE OF $20.00USD DOES NOT APPLY TO BACKPACKER COMBOS!! If you order more than 2, we will request further payment. For USA residents. It's a ONE TIME FEE of just $7.99, so take advantage of the price & buy multiple combos. As one of our customers you will be able to get replacement rods for just $12.00 for a 4' 9" Extreme & $14.00 for a 5' 3" Goliath pen Fishing rod for LIFE!!!! If you want back up rods to go with your purchase, email us HERE & we will bill you immediately via secure invoice so we can stick that extra rod in with your new order.
If you want a back up pen fishing rod later on you can still request one by emailing us directly providing your email matches our records as a previous customer.
That's how we show you love for being the GREATEST customers in the World!! 
NO, YOU CANNOT BUY JUST THE pen fishing rod by itself if you never bought a combo from us so don't waste your time or ours.
The replacement rods are for previous customers ONLY!!!!!!!!!
Sure, you can go to another company to get a smaller cheaper 36" copy cat version, but you'll wish you bought it from us 1 week later when it falls apart.
Our pen fishing rod Extreme version is 57" or 4' 9".
Our pen fishing rod Goliath is 63" or 5' 3".
We have MX15 A, G, AA Rear Drag & Extreme Bait Caster series Reels for our Pen Fishing Rods. Click the
 RED LINKS MX15 to see the quality of our reels ~>
Here's our Extreme Bait Caster  Combo ~>Bait Caster
Here's our FDAA (All Aluminum) Front Drag Reel ~> FDAA
Here's our common Front Drag Combo ~>Front Drag
Other companies "claim" that their rods & reels come with a guarantee.
There's a difference between a guarantee & a warranty.
If there's a problem with your products we'll solve the problem amicably for LIFE!!!
If you break something, we'll work it out so you can get a brand new rod or reel at a discount.
Now THAT'S peace of mind!!!
If you sign a contract & make a video with our products, we'll send you out a free rod, reel, hat or shirt AND feature your video on our home page below. Contact us for details about the contract.
If you are chosen to make a video, you are automatically entered into the BIGGEST fish of the year contest where you can win $100.00 if your fish is the BIGGEST for that year weighed on video.
Other companies are claiming that there will be a contest with their pen fishing rods at a later date, tell them we said "yeah right, WHEN??"
This is our online album
OnlineAlbum with pictures of happy customers with their fish submitted from all over the globe. We don't condone going after GIANT fish with our mini rods because if you don't have experience you may damage your rod, but
we have over 250 videos below made by happy customers nailing 5, 10, 14, 15, 18 & 21 lb. fish showing with skills that our products ACTUALLY work!
The World Record 18lb Carp in the video below was caught on our Pen Fishing Rod no matter what other lying companies claim! Yes, they are trying to claim their rod did it. Tell them said "they can kiss my BASS!" Ask the World Record Holders John & Neil which pen rods they caught their fish on yourself! <~ 21 lb. Carp <~ NEW World Record 23lb Carp
ATTENTION Backpackers and Hikers: Rod/Reel Weights: 

Pen Rod Extreme 61.2 grams – 7 ¾" Closedappx 4’ 9” or 57” Opened

Pen Rod Goliath 64.8 grams – 8” Closed – appx 5’ 3” or 61” Opened

MX 15AA 147.2 grams

MX 15A 144.2 grams

MX 15G 131.5 grams

Front Drag 137.6 grams

Front Drag AA 160.0 grams (FD100AA)

Medium Baitcaster 85.4 grams

Mini Fly Reel 57.2 grams (66g with line and tippet)

Extreme Baitcaster 106.5 grams


Think it's time for an upgrade? :)
Get yourself the BEST travel compact rod & reel combo in the world with 8 different reels to choose from!!!

Standing pen fishing rod World Record 21 lb Carp caught by Pro Staffer John Chlarson on 9 - 28 - 2011

 ~> <~ 


Neil Jary's - May 8th 2009 18 lber 


The World Record on a pen fishing rod was caught on OUR Rod, Don't be fooled by False Claims & Imitations!

Shark caught on the New 61" pen fishing rod Goliath

~> <~

It's Our Pleasure to Introduce The NEW 5' 1" or 61" pen fishing rod Goliath Series for 2011!!

See the Goliath in action & judge for yourself!

 Available EXCLUSIVELY here at For Dummies



1st Place

NEW World Record 21 lb Carp caught by John Chlarson

2nd Place

Another Beautiful 21lb Carp Caught by Paul Jurado

3rd Place

Old pen fishing rod World Record 18 lb Carp caught by Pro Staffer Neil Jary - May 8th 2009 & his 14 lb carp in the 2nd link caught April 22nd 2009 in Dereham, England Pro Staffer Doug B. of Colorado Springs, CO., with his beautiful 10 lb Wild Carp on the pen rod extreme, and he did it again! You just can't call that luck!
4th place
5th place


We're offering a $100.00 USD REWARD for the BIGGEST fish caught on film using our pen rod extreme combos and a $5,000.00 USD REWARD for a WORLD RECORD of any well known species of game fish caught on our rods & reels providing you follow the necessary steps to secure such a title and the IGFA validates & verifies your claim! Contact us for details! :)


If you experience ANY type of difficulties with our web site or creating accounts or even have a question, feel free to email us. ALL emails are returned unless you're a spammer.

Online Photo Album of ALL fish submitted by Happy Customers.

New Videos

BASS gone WILD by 1  

BASS gone WILD by 2  

BASS gone WILD by 3

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pen fishing rod Extreme™ Goliath™ Backpacker™ Combos pen fishing rod Extreme™ Goliath™ Backpacker™ Combos
pen fishing reels -™ pen fishing reels -™
NEW!!!! Package comes with one MX 15 Rear Drag fishing reel with the option to have it spooled with line by™ -•:*'""*:•.♥♥♥♥-:¦:-•* -:¦:-•:*¤..·??`»2009 4'ft. 9"in. Pen Rod Extreme -•:*'""*:•.-:¦:-•* -:¦:-•:*♥♥♥♥¤..·??`» This NEW high tensile strength durable graphite/plastic composite body comes equipped with an aluminum spool, left and right interchangeable plastic handle and dyna balance rotor system. The ratio is an amazing 5.2:1. The precision machined spool holds 150 yds of 5 lb test. 100 yds of 6 lb test. & 80 yds of 8 lb test! These reels also come in a very sleak polished annodized aluminum/graphite rear drag reel as well!
Life Like Lures -™ - holographic Lures - holographiclures™ Life Like Lures -™ - holographic Lures - holographiclures™

This is the most successful holographic, lifelike lure made in the world. This shallow diver is made by & rivals any other topwater shallow diving fishing lure in the world. The scales resemble most natural bait sources like allewives, minnows, shad, sawbellies, herring, spearing & can draw predatorial fish in with its high definition holographic pattern and swimming action. It is created with precise buoyancies for proper depth control. This lure boasts a lifelike eye & the internal rattle system resonates at an attractive pitch like a minnow in distress. It comes in HD silver with a dark camofluage top like a real fish, or chartreuse with a splash of red on the gills to resemble a wounded bleeding fish. This product is available exclusively at

Floating Fishing Pliers -™ Floating Fishing Pliers -™
Floating Fishing Pliers. These aren't your run of the mill cheap all plastic floating fishing pliers that you will find on other sites. These go for $18.99 on other popular fishing & tackle web sites. Do your research, don't just take our word for it! :)
pen Fly Fishing pen Fly Fishing

COMING SOON! Floating Fish Grips -™ COMING SOON! Floating Fish Grips -™
New floating fish grip is made from a high grade recycled plastic resin which makes them awesome for the environmentally friendly. The new floating fish grip will help you to hold on to fish faster and assure that you don't lose another beauty at the boat so you don't have to tell any more fish stories about the one that got away. The new third (3rd) generation fish grips are unlike other fish grips and have a more comfortable customized finger grips for better torque and handling. They clamp down and lock tight enough to hold the membrane below or above the fish's lower or upper jaw without harming the fish, and open quickly for easy release. Fish grips are easy to use and will prevent bites to your hand or fingers from predatory fish like northern pike, muskies, pickerel & other toothy aquatic fish critters that could put a damper on your fishing excursion and make it an early day. Floating fish grips come with an adjustable lanyard to fit around your wrist so you don't drop them over board. Floating fish grips come in high visibility hunter orange color so they are easy to locate in all types of colored water. These fish grips float so that if you do manage to drop them off the boat, they are buoyant and will remain afloat till you can circle around to get them. Floating fish grips are unique in the fact that they are also the only fish grips in the world that come with a cork ball on the lanyard to add extra buoyancy. Floating fish grips make a all around great holiday gift or for birthday presents for that special fisherman in your family Get your pair of floating fish grips now.
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