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We're so happy to see how much everyone loves our wonderful products featuring our world famous pen rod Extreme™, pen rod Goliath™ AND our brand NEW Backpacker™ Fishing Rods. If you are interested in a pen fishing rod combo, read the warranty page first. Unfortunately we get hundreds of orders since our pen fishing rods and reels are the best in the world, so there can be up to 7 business days wait to ship on ALL orders. YAY!!! We accept orders all week, then they are packaged on the weekends, then ship on Mondays. It is important that you use your real phone number when purchasing from us. If you are a conspiracy theorist & afraid to use your number, please don't purchase from us. We reserve the right to refund your money at any time for any purpose to avoid problems with you. This is a private company & we cherish our customers. Just because you purchase from us doesn't automatically classify you as a customer, respect does. If there's a problem with your package, or address or order, we need to get in touch with you right away. Your phone number & identity is 100% safe with us. Orders after 5:00pm on Saturday will go out the following Monday. It pays to buy the very best. Once we ship we will email your tracking number directly to you. There's no need to email us & stop production of packages to answer 100's of emails. =)
If you are purchasing from us - Read this entire page from TOP to BOTTOM including our legal disclaimer. Fishing isn't your thing & this is just a gift for a friend or loved one? Make sure you send them the email with the tracking number & link to this page!

If happy customers from all over the globe from ages 7 - 77 who actually follow our directions 100% catch fish 10 - 23 lb on these SAME pen fishing rods all captured on video, then anyone can!! This is specialist hand assembled micro light tackle. You will have to learn to care for & use it properly because it is nothing like anything you have ever fished with before...

 18 lbs                     21 lbs                   23 lbs

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 “Sometimes there is no next time, no time-outs, no second chances. Sometimes it’s now or never.”   ― Alan Bennett


(My personal favorite feedback)


I'm actually a big fan of your policies & speech on the warranty page. That's what attracted me here in the first place. Let's me know I'm dealing with a no bullshit company that knows they're manufacturing a product that has a learning curve & limitations, as well as the anglers who purchase your products. It also shows that you know your clientele & that not everyone is a made for TV fishing personality or a genius. The way you market your tackle is the way all companies should. I guess it does away with the 'blame the equipment/manufacturer nonsense. People ought to be able to accept personal (or friendly) responsibility for their own mistakes & shortcomings. I also fish with Tenkara gear & the same rules apply to that style of rod (well, apart from the drag part). Too many folks don't understand that they can't treat specialist tackle like Walmart crap & get away with it.

Thanks for being straight up with me. I'll be purchasing more as gifts for friends' birthdays & holidays.

Rob. (customer)

First, I would like to say THANK YOU to all of our customers & that we do appreciate your business, every bit of it. This must be said to you as a potential customer, because many customers have been taken advantage of on a global level by other copycat pen rod companies or websites who claim to sell Goliath™ & Extreme™ pen fishing rods, (we don't allow third party sales or licensing of our products) and either never received their product, or it was damaged during transit to their house. If you have have a problem with any of our products when you get them, email us ASAP so we don't waste any time getting you back on track with one of the best fishing expereinces you will ever come to love in your lifetime! If you do have a problem, take a picture(s), give us a brief description of the problem, add your first & last name, the email used to purchase, click on the red "Problem =(" link below & we'll come up with a solution. We're not going to take your money & then avoid you like a bunch of crooks. We will get back to you within a few hours most times. All you have to do is email us. If you have any feedback you would like to share with us, email us, if you have questions, email us, if you want to tell us how great you did fishing with your pen fishing rod, email us. Our promise to you as a paying customer is to uphold our contractual obligation to provide you with exactly what you ordered, and if there's a problem due to manufacturer's error, we will fix it ASAP! Even if YOU are responsible for what happened whether due to mistake, accident or not following our directions etc,. We understand, we're human, things happen, such is life & everyone makes mistakes. I know that if you are realistic, honest & straight up with me, i'm almost 99% sure that we could help each other out. One of the first questions many customers have is “Is there a warranty on the pen fishing rod if I break it?” The answer is; ' There is no warranty if you break a pen fishing rod,.. BUT the good news is that we have parts to replace anything that you can break, dent, scratch or lose - so make sure you contact us if you damage your rod ASAP!! Is it going to cost you? Yes it will.. Nothing is free. If you're thinking you can just tell me a story & i'm going to send you a free pen fishing rod, forget it - don't waste your time or ours. We'll decide what the parts & shipping will cost based on the part(s) you need to fix it yourself. If you are under 18 you must have a parent or guardian fix it for you when you get the part(s). Just take pictures of the product & have every detail/description about the piece or product that is damaged in an email & send it to us. You can also purchase replacement rods for LIFE if you are a customer. (link to buy below) We go above & beyond with instructional videos, directions, blogs, tutorials etc,. ALL created by our pro staff just so you don't make the mistakes they did during rigorous testing. However, if you are respectful, sincere & honest with me, we will get down to exactly what happened through your feedback & a few simple questions then i'll see what I can do for you. I’m a multi licensed engineer/inventor/entrepreneur & I can tell you the breaking strength or safe working load of any material used to create these mini pen fishing rods through a simple formula which makes me an authority on these products & how to use them correctly without breaking them. I am born & bred from New York City, I’ve seen everything in this world 3 times & heard every story. If you use the product & then claim "there was something wrong with it when I got it anyway", that won't float with me, make sure you contact me immediately. If you lie to me, you're TOAST! We don't want you to suffer a financial loss, & neither do we. All you have to do is just email us here~> Problem =( We do our best to make everyone happy by going above & beyond company policies as you can see by the hundreds of individual reviews & videos on the products over the past 10 years. If you do see negative remarks about this company it's a "Mr. know it all" angler who refused to read these directions, broke the gear then created a bad review or video b/c we refused to replace it for free. Boo hoo! =) We don't negotiate with terrorists or people who are abusive & if you think you're going to one up or outsmart me, you can kiss my BASS! It's all about the principle. We will never take advantage of you & we're not going to let that happen to us either. =) Sometimes no matter what you do for some people it is just never enough & they are never going to be happy. If you're cool with me I'll be cool with you. Life is too short to bitch & moan about the little things. =)
Yes, as a pen fishing rod customer you will need to read & follow these instructions regardless of what you rate your personal fishing knowledge or skills. Your micro light fishing skills & ability to follow directions are your warranty, unless you got a good BS story for me. Now I understand that this is A LOT to read for some of you, but this is your ONE and ONLY chance to get this right. Some of you have never had a pen fishing rod in your hand before & some have never even fished before in their lives & think that a pen fishing rod is some sort of miracle rod that will automatically make them a professional angler. That is so far from the truth. You will get out of my products exactly what YOU put into them. I believe in being 100% honest even if it means that I will lose the sale, & you as a customer. I'm not going to lie to you just to make a dollar because I don't need or want it. I want you to be successful with my products by following the directions. If you fail, it means that you will have to try again. Never quit at something you are passionate about. These products come with a limited manufacturer's warranty. That means if you snap any of the 9 tubes on a pen fishing rod, you are not covered because you have exceeded the safe working load & breaking strength of a pen fishing rod which is brought on by not having a LOOSE DRAG. It's as simple as that. We put a lot of time into testing these rods out to see what they are capable of if used correctly. We are a thriving business & we want everyone to be happy with their pen rod experience, but unfortunately we are not a fishing school that is going to keep replacing pen fishing rods till you learn to use them or stop being a clutz! You can give us a sob story, threaten to give us a bad name on facebook, youtube, forums blah blah blah. You will look like a fool & other anglers will laugh & berate you because 7 & 8 year olds that actually followed the directions catch fish on film & you can't. If you make a mistake, damage your gear or some unknown force was out to get your pen fishing rod that day from the minute you left your home, tell us about it. We'll understand, we know that there are dark forces out there working against you every day, trying to take your money, trying to harm you, scam you out of what you worked your ass off for, we'll work with you. Just don't lie & try to blame the product because you & I are not going to get along. Other anglers are catching 20 - 35lb fish on these & if you can't catch a 2lb fish without breaking it the rod isn't the problem!  Just because someone reads a book on quantum physics doesn't mean they are automatically a rocket scientist. Everyone knows that results vary regardless of training, instructions or directions that are drilled into a person. Sometimes it takes hands on experience & actually doing it till you become a true master. There's 400 + videos on (click youtube link) showing anglers from every part of the globe, ages 7 to 57 catching 1 or 2 lb fish, all the way to 21 lb + fish ON video. We do not condone going after fish bigger than small sun fish under a pound. Just because other anglers are targeting big fish doesn't mean you should. Forget everything you ever learned about fishing with a single blank 7' stiff 1 piece rod & 20lb test line. Remember this: "Any goof ball can catch & yank up a fish out of the water with a 7' stiff 1 piece heavy action rod & 20lb test line while screaming " I DIDN'T GET A GOOD HOOK SET, OH MAN I'M GOING TO LOSE HIM, GET THE NET". However, It takes skills, confidence, perseverance, patience & instestinal fortitude to target, fight & eventually land fish on microlight tackle. That is the true meaning of being an ANGLER".  With micro light tackle you are no longer in control, the fish is. You must play by his rules, his terms & rely on your skills, tackle & experience to tire & outlast that fish. I can't say this enough. If you follow this simple rule, you will be more successful. The most important factor in micro light fishing is: KEEP A LOOSE DRAG!!! The least amount of stress on the rod & the more stress on the reel's drag system the better! The whole concept behind being successful using microlight tackle is to perform a series of things that all have to be working together. The 3 main things to know are: 1.) use 2 or 4lb monofilament because it stretches. 2.) is that you keep a very loose drag. The reason behind the loose drag is so that the fish can tire out. Now, I understand that some of you never used micro light or even ultra light tackle before. That's the reason YOU must rethink your approach to trying to catch a fish that can take off with such a burst of speed & power, that they can easily snap the rod, the line & damage the reel all in 1 shot. I know that you will be feeling insecure because you are usually in charge & control of what is going on at the end of the line because your rod, reel & line outclass the fish & it doesn't stand a chance against you. With our tackle you must have the confidence in what I am telling you to do. You must give up control to catch fish on a pen rod. It may make you uneasy at first, but after your first few fish you will gain what it takes to wait the fish out, play it & eventually land it. After you accomplish this, you will be a much better all around angler. I promise you! =) Now, even if the fish is bad ass, our pen rods are flexible & tactile to an extent that if all tubes are bent at the same time, the drag is loose & the monofilament line is stretching with no knots, frays or abrasions, you will conquer ANY fish you put your mind to. If the drag is loose enough like it is supposed to be, the line will start peeling off the reel when the pen rod is at about 70 - 80 degrees. With all of these factors working together it is possible to land almost any fish if you just have patience & take your time. Yes, your heart will be beating out of your chest each time the fish runs, but that's good for your heart. =) Micro light tackle & angling requires the exact OPPOSITE of what you would do with 7' stiff heavy action rods & 20 - 30lb test fishing line. You must finesse fish, lift to set the hook gently. You cannot be an animal with the rod, treat it like it's a multi section telescopic mini pen fishing rod or you will be one sad angler. You must adapt to a pen fishing rod, not the other way around. The rod will not get any thicker, longer, stronger or change its components or structure. We understand that our products are not for everyone, so do your due dilligence before purchasing from our selection of fine combos. When you start blaming a product for not working correctly because YOU cannot adapt to a different method of fishing, it's time to take up knitting or doing house work on your time off. STEP AWAY FROM THE PEN ROD!!! LOOSE DRAG + LINE THAT STRETCHES = SUCCESS. TIGHT DRAG + braided line or thicker diameter than 2 or 4lb test monofilament = FAIL = too much stress = BROKEN ROD = NO REPLACEMENT. All pen rods are inspected inch by inch before they ship...
Replacement rods can only be purchased by previous customers or new customers purchasing a combo that would also like a backup rod with their new combo. Previous customers Identify yourself as a previous customer with the email, address, & first & last name used to purchase to minimize emails back & forth. If you are not a previous or new customer, don't waste your time asking to purchase just the rod. =) Good Luck!
Purchase replacement pen fishing rods:
This video is an example of a fish being caught on a pen fishing rod & a LOOSE DRAG!!!!!!!
We can only try our best to get you to understand that you need to take care of your micro light gear. We heard every story about how you had hundreds of fishing rods & reels & been fishing your whole life & nothing happened to those rods blah blah blah. If you didn't fish with a micro light pen fishing rod, then you need to follow the directions, not just read them! After you become an expert with a miniature 8" pen fishing rod then you will be ready to tackle any fish with any fishing gear. Pay strict attention to everything on this page. 
If you have any problems with your order, or you notice something that you think is a defect, or looks broken due to its journey through the postal system, contact us immediately with a description & pictures. We will contact you ASAP! Also, customers are throwing away universal plastic washers which assist in making the reel left or right handed, thinking they do not go with the reel then complaining they don't work. Don't throw anything away! ASK!
This Clear Washer is cut at an angle. It is NOT BROKEN!!
First off, I'd like to announce a New "Unofficial World Record" 34.54 lb.carp was taken in India on February 21st 2013 on our 5' 3" FD100 AA (all aluminum) Goliath™ Front Drag Combo. Here's a link to the picture & the exciting story by our VERY Happy customer Revi, who was the lucky angler that hooked the beast. Click this link to read the story & see the fish.
pen fishing rod sizes.
pen fishing rods are created & assembled by hand. Each rod is comprised of aluminum, fiberglass, rubber, plastic, tin & other materials tightly fitted together. The guides are glued on to the rod blanks & set to dry. Each tube is rough cut to approximately the same size on all pen fishing rods, however, no two pen rods are created the same. There are over 10 pieces that are fitted together to create these magnificent pocket sized fishing rods & reels. Unfortunately, they are not made of steel, the guides are not laminated on due to size restraints & we had to sacrifice some things when miniaturizing the pocket sized fishing rods. The sizes of the pen fishing rods may vary. They are not made on a jig so we do not guaranty that a Goliath will be 5' 1" (61"), or that an Extreme will be 4' 6" (54"). They are rough cut & assembled so you may get a Goliath that is 61" & another that is 60", or even smaller. You may get an Extreme that is 55" & another that is 53" or even smaller. By purchasing these rods it means that you understand this & that you read this warranty & description, as well as the description under each combo! The only thing we can guaranty is that these pen fishing rods are the same rods that are in all the videos you watched other customers using, and that you will have tons of fun using them as well. If this disturbs you, it's really quite simple. Do not purchase them! If you are reading this in an email right now, it means you did not read the warranty before purchasing.
Popular Knots on Video
Popular Knots <~ Learn your knots
Just remember to keep a very loose drag at first, then tighten as needed & do NOT lift fish with the rod, use a net or grab the fish by the fishing line & lift. Use 2 or 4lb test mono line. 
Fishing Line Preference on a Pen Fishing Rod:
2 or 4lb test Trilene XL = XL Extra Limp
Braided Line:
We don't suggest any braided line because it does not stretch like mono & your chances of damaging the rod increase with the amount of pressure on the rod & not the reel's drag system. The less stress on the rod & the more on the drag system the better. It doesn't matter if the 25lb braided line is the same diameter of 4lb test line, it's still 25lb braided line, we don't suggest you use it.
Spooling up your reels.
If you did not purchase line from us, you will undoubtedly need to put line on your reel or "spool" up.
Do it by hand. Do NOT put a plastic spool on any automated spooler, you will crack it in half. There is a manufacture line on almost ALL molded plastic components that are identical on both sides. We don't suggest you spool a mini aluminum spool on a machine either. We put all line on hundreds of reels by hand. There isn't enough line capacity to have to put any pen reel spool on an automated machine.
Remember, these are miniature scaled down models of your favorite rods & reels so you have to operate & treat them like scaled down models..
When Opening:
1.) Remove cap.
2.) Open manually or tilt down in a 30º angle to let tubes open automatically.
3.) DO NOT flick your pen rod open like a sword, you are NOT a Jedi Knight!
4.) Align titanium guides to your preference & GENTLY snug tubes into place one at a time.
5.) DO NOT put the cap on the handle of the pen rod when you open it, you will scratch up the handle & it cannot be returned.
6.) DO NOT attempt to pull the tubes open too tight as to emulate a single blank rod, it is NOT a single blank rod. If you pull the tubes out too tight, ESPECIALLY the tipyou will NOT be able to close them. If you break the tip, you did NOT follow directions. Do not come up with stories about HUGE FISH breaking the rod tip or UFO's flying by & snapping the tip off. Watch all the videos ESPECIALLY Fish Fighting Basics with & for Dummies. If 9 year old kids can catch 15 lb fish on a pen fishing rod without breaking it, then anyone can.
7.) DO NOT lift fish with the pen rod, you can damage the tip of the rod. Use a NET, or pick the fish up by the line.
8.) DO NOT let the tip of the rod bend independently of the other tubes.
9.) When you open your pen fishing rod, you will notice that there is a slight wobble in the main tube. This is normal. There is no locking mechanism to hold a pen rod tube inside the handle, except a piece of electrical tape. If there was a locking device, there would be no room to close it and it would no longer be a telescopic rod because it would never close. You will also notice that the cap barely stays on & the only thing keeping it on is a clear plastic O ring. The O ring is the widest,thickest, largest diameter on a pen fishing rod. If there was no O ring, the cap would fall off. The cap's only purpose is to protect the guides from becoming bent or damaged. These 2 features are NOT defects. There are no locking mechanisms in a pen fishing rod whatsoever. None of the tubes lock in place. Don't compare a pen fishing rod to a single blank rod, one goes in your pocket, the other your trunk. A pen fishing rod is 10 sections that are fit together & made to be snugged gently together as you set it up & the parts may move with usage & continued casting. Pen rods are NOT made by machine or on a jig. They are hand assembled & the rings may not be 100% straight once they dry. If the main tube was any tighter it would rub each time you opened it & scrape off the primer, the paint job, the clear coating AND the logo which is a small sticker, as well as slowly damage your pen fishing rod. You may have to adjust your tubes every once in a while while casting. The pen fishing rod you have in your hand is the same exact pen rod in all the videos. The main tube also spins during usage. They are made to close up & fit in your pocket. If you email us to say that the main tube is defective, since it's wobbly or loose, or that the cap is loose I will probably not even answer because you didn't read these directions like you should have. If I do answer, you are going to read exactly this as a copy & paste. We try to answer each email, but when small genius kids start analyzing products & asking 100 questions in 100 different emails, we have to draw the line. 10,000 kids emailing 100 emails a day is a bit much. If you are old enough to use a pen fishing rod, go online & email us, then you are old enough to read these directions. We are very busy & we don't have time to answer customers who decide they don't have to read directions or these FAQ, but we still love you, just not as much as we did before you emailed us! =)~
When Casting:
If you have a pen rod Goliath, don't force the cap all the way down on it because you may bend the tip & force the small insert out of the tip & top guide which will have to be replaced. Goliath rods barely fit in a pen rod housing so close the cap gentl;y.
1.) DO NOT use lures heavier than 1/4 of an oz lures, baits to cast or you may damage the tubes or snap the tip.
2.) DO NOT use heavier line than 2 or 4 lb test monofilament due to the stretching capabilities of the line.
3.) DO NOT use braided line of any kind regardless of the diameter being the same as 1 or 2lb test because it doesn't stretch & with a miniature rod you need a loose drag & stretch.
4.) DO NOT rely on the whipping action of the rod to propel your lure, bait etc. You must keep at least 3' lead when casting anything & catapult the hook as opposed to reeling the hook/lure up to the tip & relying on the rod to whip it. Use common sense & have fun when using a miniature pen fishing rod. =)
When Closing:
1.) Remember to close your pen fishing rod by holding the main supportive or fattest tube first, then close all the way up to the skinniest tube last. (Remember that the tubes are only to be snugged open with your thumb & pointer finger so you can close them with ease when it is time to close the rod.)
2.) Close one section at a time & DO NOT let the guides slam/push/touch/bang together or you may knock off a guide & break the glue seal & have to re-glue them. DO NOT let metal hit metal when closing. We will not fix a knocked off guide, you will have to re glue it & here is the video to show you how.

How to repair your pen fishing rod .

3.) DO NOT close the pen rod from the tip, you can damage the rod.
4.) Apply the reel that you received with your pen fishing rod by placing the reel seat into the appropriate grooves & fasten the reel seat to the pen rod by turning the circular screw.
5.) Set the drag according to the size of the fish you are going for or attempting to catch. KEEP A LOOSE DRAG!!!!
6.) This is NOT a Shark or Tuna fishing rod. If you make the DRAG TOO TIGHT & it doesn't allow the fish to take line when you finally hook one, you will break the rod tip or the main tube! However, you CAN purchase a replacement by emailing us at the link provided. Learn about the drag system on a fishing reel, how to use it & how it allows the fish to take line off the reel & PREVENTS the rod from breaking. There is a link in the email directions to bring you to sites online that will teach you how to use a drag or clutch system. You may also do your own search by looking up "How To Set Your Drag System".
7.) Below are two examples of what can happen IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.
A.) is what happens to the tip when you lift fish with the rod or let the tip tube bend independently of the other tubes.
B.) is what happens if your drag/clutch is too tight.
Setting your drag system on your reel:
Set it to LOOSE!! If you exceed 10 PSI on these reels you will experience "stickyness" or "Hesitation" from the reels where the line will come out & "studder". This means your drag system is too tight & you are pushing it to the maximum working strength & the reel's drag system will eventually wear down. Follow the directions!!! These reels can handle thousands of small fish & that's what they are for. :)
Here's a picture to dispute all the pen rod snappers who claim they had a loose drag when they damaged their pen rod. This customer has the rod bent in half. Yes, he is working at the breaking strength & pushing the rod almost beyond its capabilities, but his drag system is paying out line as the fish runs straight down peeling line off his reel, which is relieving stress off the rod & placing it on the reel's drag system. He has a VERY loose drag, 4lb monofilament line that stretches & the ENTIRE rod is bent with each tube supporting each other to work as it was intended to. If the rod is bent at the tip or by any single tube in between first & last independently it may break. We will not replace it. We stand behind our products, not the validity of each boasting angler's claims they are pro's, yet they never used a miniature microlight rod & reel. If other anglers are catching 1 - 35+lb fish on our rods ON video, then anyone can. There's no defects so don't try that angle either. There's a 3 part inspection process on all products. That's 6 eyes & hands & I inspect & wrap each rod personally before they go out. You may think we're being mean, but you will thank us in the end if you follow our directions because YOU will become a better angler. After you catch several dozen fish on microlight tackle, you will be ready for any kind of fish with any tackle or line class.
"How To Set Your Drag" Search Results.
Here is a video for beginners that shows how to hold, cast & fish with a fishing rod.
How To Cast Your Fishing Rod
Online Photo Album
How to Repair Your Pen Fishing Rod

Replacement Repair Tip for Pen Fishing Rod. Specially sized replacement tip to fix broken rod tip guides on pen fishing rods. Fixing the line guide on the tip is a low cost way to get back out there fishing. Includes complete instruction sheet and installation tips.
The end segment of the rod is tapered and increases in diameter toward its base. This replacement part will work for breaks within 2 inches of the rod end. Tip breaks are caused by stress exceeding capacity, careless closing, rough handling, inadvertently stepping on the tip, or just a simple failure due to not having a loose drag on your reel.
What you will need:
* Replacement Tip from - contact for details
* Strong Sharp Scissors
* Krazy Glue or Clear Epoxy/Nail Hardener (apply lightly with wooden toothpicks or nail brush)
* Lighter or matches
* Small rag

Remember that we only include the replacement tip and instructions. The other items must be provided by you.
How to repair your Pen Fishing Rod - Step By Step Instructions:
1.) Using Strong Sharp Scissors, make a swift clean cut below the break. Dull weak scissors will crush and flatten the rod fibers. You need a sharp clean cut. 
2.) Gently test fit the replacement tip onto the rod. If you miss the hole in the tip it may cause the rod fiberglass to fray, forcing a re-cut. To prevent fray, briefly pass the cut fiberglass tip over a flame two or three quick passes. If it catches fire, blow it out immediately. You don't want to melt fiberglass into a blob, rather just bond the tips of the fibers together. It only takes an instant. 
3.) The replacement should slide over the tip and have a little bit of play (air space for epoxy or glue) If the replacement is too loose - look at the taper in the rod and calculate a position for a new cut. Cut a little at a time, if you go too far, you will not be able to install the tip.
4.) Once you have determined a suitable location and are satisfied with dry fitting the replacement, it is time to affix the tip to the rod.
5.) Put a small light coating of Krazy Glue or epoxy, or nail hardener as on our video in the fiberglass rod tip and about 1/8" down around the rod. 
6.) Gently slide the replacement tip in place. Hold replacement tip in place and wipe any excess glue or epoxy from the base. So that when it is dry the tip will close & slide back into the next tube. 
7.) Suspend the rod tip so that it will not stick to the surface.
8.) Let Dry completely before use.

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