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COMING SOON! Floating Fish Grips -™

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Floating Fish Grip -™

Floating Fish Grip -™
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New floating fish grip is made from a high grade recycled plastic resin which makes them awesome for the environmentally friendly. The new floating fish grip will help you to hold on to fish faster and assure that you don't lose another beauty at the boat so you don't have to tell any more fish stories about the one that got away. The new third (3rd) generation fish grips are unlike other fish grips and have a more comfortable customized finger grips for better torque and handling. They clamp down and lock tight enough to hold the membrane below or above the fish's lower or upper jaw without harming the fish, and open quickly for easy release. Fish grips are easy to use and will prevent bites to your hand or fingers from predatory fish like northern pike, muskies, pickerel & other toothy aquatic fish critters that could put a damper on your fishing excursion and make it an early day. Floating fish grips come with an adjustable lanyard to fit around your wrist so you don't drop them over board. Floating fish grips come in high visibility hunter orange color so they are easy to locate in all types of colored water. These fish grips float so that if you do manage to drop them off the boat, they are buoyant and will remain afloat till you can circle around to get them. Floating fish grips are unique in the fact that they are also the only fish grips in the world that come with a cork ball on the lanyard to add extra buoyancy. Floating fish grips make a all around great holiday gift or for birthday presents for that special fisherman in your family Get your pair of floating fish grips now.
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